Motrade is a Techno/Electronica Live Act from Switzerland based in Zurich.
The couple Kev & Ann are known for their deep & hypnotic productions with dark atmospheres, melancholic and captivating melodies & sounds, and hard hitting drums.

Motrade started making music together in November 2010 under several different names until September 2014 when they started as Motrade. In 2011, only a year after they got in touch with each other they packed their stuff and moved to Amsterdam for Kev’s Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production.

Once in Amsterdam the two DJ’s started producing, discovered new genres and dove into the underground scene of Amsterdam. Where they have been active during their stay in Amsterdam. Besides attending countless events and playing several DJ gigs in different Dutch cities the Swiss-born music enthusiasts focused a lot on their own productions. The both experimented with different genres, developed their skills and style. As well as learning various mixing and production techniques which let them improve rapidly over the last years.

Asking Motrade’s producer what is special about their sound Kev responds: „In the last years we have spent a lot of time in the studio and produced a lot of different styles. From House/Deep House to UK Garage/Bass to Electro to Techno and now ended with a mixture of deep & hypnotic Techno/Electronica.
In all the different styles we always sounded the same. Giving the music our own touch, a lot of ambient, melancholic dark sounds combined with dreamy melodies and complex sound structures.

We are both very inspired by the nature and I guess you can hear that very good in our music. Another particularity about our music is that we always tell a story. It’s not that we just produce a track, we always want to translate a story or a thought into music and express our feelings“. The emotional part is one of the most important parts of their music.

In addition

Anja, the other half of Motrade is a very talented singer and therefore there are no sampled vocals in their music. She sings everything by herself. Anja adds: „Besides the normal vocals we form my vocals a lot into pads and we are using my voice also as an instrument. There are much more vocals in a track than you might think when you’re listening a song for the first time“.


Thanks to the way the Swiss producer duo plays live they’re are able to play live shows in an ambient (bar, lounge, shops), concert or club style environment, adapting their sound to the current mood and situation playing the same songs in different styles. Two years after they started making music as Motrade the always busy and never tired couple founded their own record label called „Subsonic Foundation Records“. But the creative heads do not limit themselves to music, they have also their own company called „Subkvltr LLC“.

They make Fashion which they sell on their online shop, create art and have several projects they are working on.